Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hmmm..da lama tak update this blog..this time i'm not talkin' about my family recipes but..about kinda dishes tht kakak (my daughter) have served and prepared for me..hihihi..she was 15 but so rarely helpin' me in the many reasons given..a lot of homework, too tired, not interested..and bla..bla..bla..but this time I dun care..whether u like it or not u have to do..okay.. i was forced her to cook..furthermore papa was not at home sooo..can cook anything u like..the simplest one also will do no 'harm'..haha..ok let's see wht kakak has prepared..not bad in taste!!..kakak memang pandaii...nxt time can cook for papa too...the above dishes were normally taken with rice as Malay people in Malaysia
use to eat rice with a few dishes..normally hot and spicy dishes and accompanied by vegies, fried fish (any kind of fishes) in this case i like very much salted's something like appetiser for me..let's have 'tour' with dishes that kakak has prepared...

below is hot and spicy prawn..really hot!..normally we use onion, garlic, dried chilies paste and a bit prawn paste (belacan so called in Malay) we will pound them or blend but we normally just pound them and mix with the dried chilies paste at the later stage so called as 'mixtures'@sambal..once everything ready..just pour an oil in the pan, wait until the oil hot and start to cook..put the mixtures let it mix well for about 2 mins..then put the prawn and mix them well for about 3 mins..put a pinch of sugar, salt and a bit chicken cube..hahaha it's ready to eat while still hot..b careful if u dun like a hot n spicy dishes..stand by with ur warm water or cool chinese tea..ya..

next a very simple deep fried fish with soy souce...normally suitable to those who dun like hot dish or especially kids..

I like to use 'kembong' fish but you can use any fish, suitable for fish which is have more flesh like stingray, mackerel ..this is the simplest but simply yummy..let's fry the fish until it deep fried onion, chillies 2 or 3 , garlics, once you have cut them off just fry them with a small amount of oil. mix them well then put soy sauce and oyster sauce if you like and a bit tamarind past (just 1cm enuf) 'throw' your fish to the mixture mix well then..taste it..just to check the sweetness, salty n's easy's suitable for teenagers who just start to cook or during our lazy n lazy time..heheh..

i think for mix vegies need not to talk about since it is so simple..just chop an onion, garlic and put shrimp for taste..vegies you can use cabbage + sprout or long beans..put small amount of oil in the fan..fry onion, garlic n shrimp together, mix well..put the vegies..taste as u wish..pinch of salt n shrimp cube for taste mix them well for abt 4 mins.. ..wallah...simple simple..

hahah..this were the simple dishes tht my daughter had prepared for me..she was proud at that time..and me?..happy too..since after this I will not too worry to leave her at home with her 2 brothers..they will no more hungry like she is 17..can cook hot n spicy want to share her recipe..let me interview her first..k..see until next post..!! daaaa...